Monday, September 21, 2009

MS Therapy

I started Copaxone at a co-pay of $484.00 a month (GASP!) but had a flu like reaction on the 10th day which was NOT supposed to be side effect of the drug. Oh yeah, right! After calling the company and hearing that, with a suggestion I might be getting sick ( I never get sick, my immune system is bored stiff and attacks me when it has nothing better to do, which is all the time) I called my Neurologists office. They confirmed people have the same reaction. Rather than take an antihistamine then then Tylenol, (which knocked me out for the whole day when I tried it)then the shot ,then more Tylenol, I stopped the copaxone. I still have lumps in my abdomen where I took the shots. For $484.00 a month I need a better quality of life then constant sleep or flu like symptoms with temps of 103. The hell with Big Pharma. And the more I read about the efficacy of Copaxone and the other MS drugs, the more I was turned off.

My whole year has been about seeking an alternative to MS drugs, fixing my fibromyalgia and holding onto my muscles and my cognitive skills.

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