Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to my world...

It's mid September 2009 and I have survived the worst year of my life. Last July 2008 I was diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer, had that removed, with stage 2 breast cancer, had my hands go numb after the biopsies, survived Hurricane Ike, had a double mastectomy, lost 15 lbs (not all breast tissue, just to clarify), was diagnosed with MS.

I opted not to have chemotherapy due to my intimate relationship with pesticides from a long career as horticulturist from which I became toxic. Chemo would have killed me. I am sure of it. So I had the cancer removed. Bye Bye!

To find the MS, and transverse myelitis, I had a gazillion MRIs of my brain, cervical spine, thoracic region and lumbar region. There are lesions in my brain and one rather long one in my cervical spine which probably is causing most of my numbness and other MS problems.

I am on Neurologist number 4 as the rest either shook their heads, loaded me up with pain killers, or offered antidepressants and demanded for more tests. My current neuro is a gem, as are her staff and PAs. I relented and had a lumbar puncture which confirmed the MS last January and immediately got treated with a 4 day Solumedrol drip. UGH! That was supposed to make me feel so much better but I am still doing battle with ceaseless Fibromyalgia from the steroids.

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