Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sorry it's been so long...

I realize there are more of you checking my blog than I thought!

I apologize for not keeping all this up lately but its been busy with various Dr.s appts and such and those wear me out!

OK today is a sad day because I had to send my whippet, Cosmo off to the vets for the last time. He had developed hemangiomas all over his body and inside his nose. He sneezes blood and it gets all over everywhere and I just cannot clean up all the time. Also Cosmo has gotten so thin even though he eats well. At almost 12 years old, he has had a good long life since I adopted him at 18 months and has been a model dog! I am very sad to lose him but I just cannot bear to watch him bleed out.

So I am crying today, but I will get over it soon. I have lost a lot of pets in my lifetime.

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