Thursday, November 26, 2009

One week post IVIG-Thanksgiving Day

I have finally recovered some energy! The IVIG infusions went well and I had a great time at the infusion center, meeting other people with MS and related neurological issues.

Thursday, the last day of the therapy last week and thank goodness no headache last night but I am pretty wiped today. I got the same premeds as yesterday and had a nice infusion. When they went to take the post blood work, I think the girl blew the vein! Afterward, my right hand swelled and got all black and blue. I know I am getting old when this happens. After a week, its mostly all gone, phew.

I slept most of Friday and Saturday, wiped out totally! Attack of the IVIG flu. Sunday I started getting hints of revival and during the week its gotten progressively better. I am not sure I feel better than before the IVIG but not worse. That is good. I am sure I will feel worse when I see the bill though!

Got back some lab results that were a bit discouraging. My vitamin D level has dropped again back down to 38 from 52. That's not great since I have been supplementing heavily with like 3000 ius a day for months! It's time to change brands and get that D level up to 70 if possible! At least my lipid profile is perfect!

I am slowly losing patience with the stiffness and inability to do anything! Arrgghh! I am taking L tryptophan to help with the depression. Trying to rebuild my serotonin stores in my brain. I might switch to 5-HTP if the tryptophan doesn't do it. Hopefully this and the thyroid treatment will get the pain and stiffness under control and I can get off the spasticity medications. Ugh! I so hate drugs!

It's Thanksgiving! We are celebrating quietly at home with just the three of us and my mother in law. It's a gorgeous day, sunny and cool and dry! Hope I can get out today or tomorrow and ride my motorcycle around the neighborhood again. It gives me a sense of freedom and joy.

Enjoy your turkey day, everyone.

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