Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Start IViG on Monday

Yay! My insurance company approved treatment with IViG so I start infusions on Monday. I will go Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30 AM and be infused until 12:30 PM or later so its going to be a long week.

Hopefully this treatment will give me some function back. Its supposed to reboot one's immune system! And should last a month. I will have to go every month but hopefully not for 4 days each time.

I also saw another Doctor that my PA at the Neuro's office suggested and he validated my efforts to fix my thyroid problems with Cytomel and hydrocortisone. At least I have a guardian and supporter in my treatment plan. As I use the T3, Cytomel, to clear the Reverse T3, I should get past this fibromyalgia and see an increase in energy and a reduction in pain and depression. I just have to stay the course as it can take 12 weeks to clear the Rt3 from my cell receptors.

I am very tired today with the stress of losing my dog, but there is hope for the future! Please pray for me that the IVIG works! My Neurologist believes in it. She is very good too!

On an exercise note, I have been walking half a mile most days. I have done the last 5 of 6 days since the weather has been really nice! 70's and clear except for one humid hot rainy day. I get really tired afterwards but gotta keep those muscles in shape. The keenfit walking poles are a lifesaver.

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