Thursday, January 14, 2010

IViG the day after

Ouch! I only thought I was going to get off easy this month. Not so.
Today I woke up with stomach ache, creeping sinus crap and that headache is starting up too. I have hydrate and keep telling myself "Its only temporary!"

IViG also seems to make some of my MS symptoms worse for a day or so. My numb hands are about useless today. (Thank god for the backspace key and spell check!) Nerve pain is horrible in hands and feet and my chest feels full and congested. Hydrate! I had to take a half a baclofen for the muscle spasms too. Oh well, I just thought I was done with Baclofen.

So its a sofa day today with as little typing as I can get by with. More later.
My family is off to London. Sniff, Sob, Sigh. Ah to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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