Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Ampyra...

I am giving it another try after a few days off. Now that the weather is in a more stable pattern, I will try taking only one pill a day, starting today, now that my IVIG flu is over, probably about 10 AM so it will last through my working hours and be gone by the time I hit the bed at night. That way I might sleep and gain the benefits of the drug. So many people on Patients like Me forum are having great success with Ampyra.

I have to say, it does help me move better. Legs feel less like concrete pillars and more like legs. Some how I will figure out a way to lessen the nerve pain, but it might take care of itself after a while. I just cannot stand not being able to walk the block, or go out with my family and friends.

Everyone is having a great time in Galveston this weekend and I am stuck at home watching the Astros try to win a game. Unlikely but possible.

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