Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Wow, I missed the whole month of April! I have been really busy with video projects and we took a short vacation in the RV to Medina so Dennis could ride his motorcycle with the boys.

Weather in Medina was ideal; cold night and warm days, dry air and clear skies! Such a great change from Houston with its muggy weather. :) So glad I went even if it about did my knees in getting in and out of the trailer.

We took the dog and he was a perfect traveler and companion, very undemanding and easy going.

While the boys rode, I worked on my pictures for the tennis team and video project for a friend's daughters graduation. I was busy. I also rested a lot. After the boys got back, Dennis generously took me sight seeing. There were deer, antelope, buffaloes, zebras, and other exotic animals behind tall fences on a few large ranches. The wildflowers were vibrant and plentiful too. Bluebonnets were finished but coreopsis, purple verbena and other yellow flowers took center stage. Gorgeous.

Now back to working frantically on video projects.

Health wise, I missed a session of IVIG and am feeling it. My body hurts all over and I am a bit depressed about that. Stiff and sore is my motto these days. Went to the pain doc who prescribed Trileptal for the pain so today I am giving it a start. Didn't want to do it while I was in the creative phase of the tennis banquet video in case it brain wiped me like Neurotin and Lyrica. Now that I am working only on technical stuff for the DVD, I can handle being a bit brain dead and sleepy. And I am.

If this doesn't help with the pain, I also have a script for Duragesic patch, which is fentynal, a synthetic narcotic like morphine. I hope I don't have to go that route.

This week I have an appt with a Psychologist who only works with chronic illness and pain patients so I hope we can find a decent perspective for me. I am depressed I have to miss all my daughters events outside since I cannot stand the heat and cannot stand for any length of time.

That's enough whining for now. I need to get on with work.

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