Sunday, July 15, 2018

Florida, Here I come!

Boo Boo’s Fine 2017 Fleece
It’s been a while, well a very long, while since last posting. Years.

Yes, I’m still spinning but at a reduced rate since whatever ails me has ramped up its attack and I’m losing the battle. So I’m off to Tampa for an extended stay to see if a brilliant doctor there can put me back on my feet. Literally. IVIG quit working. Pretty much.

A week into this years TDF and I’m only 1 bobbin into Boo Boo’s Shetland Fleece from 2017. It’s spinning up so fine, both in terms of handle and diameter, that I might have ten thousand yards finished by fall yet still have most of the fiber left in the bin.

Spinning is Zen meditation for me and I’ll all the Zen I can get to see me through whatever treatment awaits me in Florida. Will it be heavy metals, pesticides, Lyme or mold or a combination of the above. I’ll find out Monday July 23rd just in time for my birthday. Wheeee, groan. Later