Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time to do IVIG again

Thanksgiving was great and we all ate too much and enjoyed turkey dinner.

I have had a pretty good month, especially after the IVIG kicked in. I got more energy and was able to do a few more things during the day. I managed to go out to eat one evening even though the pain was awful, sitting in a saggy booth seat. But I was excited to go out. Mexican food was terrific.

Have done all my shopping online and just waiting for a few straggling gifts to roll in. It will be a small Christmas this year since some family members are struggling with the economy and all. We will just have my husband's Mom, sister and brother in law in for Christmas dinner. We will be having Roast Beef this year and not Turkey. If I perk up enough I will make Yorkshire Pudding for all. Southerners don't understand it but they like it when i make it!

I have really felt the IVIG wear off this week. I am getting tired earlier in the day, like about 2 PM and have had to resume naps. Trying to go to bed at 10- 10:30 to get a full 8 hours sleep. Every few days I also get a hint that the T3, thyroid therapy and HC for my adrenals is working. I get a burst of energy and the muscle pain lets up a bit. I go for infusions Monday through Thursday next week. I hope I get even more progress than last month.

Its been dark and dreary and cold this week and its depressing. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will come out again before the next front rolls in.

I try not to think too hard about what all I cannot do anymore and just concentrate on what I can do. Luckily I can type even though my hands are still numb. They have not been hurting like they used to though and that's good!

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will try to cook some meals for the week, in case I am wiped from the infusions, and also make some shortbread to take with me to the infusion center.

On a sad note, my dear whippet, Cosmo, finally had to be put to rest, as the vet could not get him better. He has gone to pizza heaven, trash can heaven and hopefully he is out jumping fences and hiding old pieces of pizza to eat later. I sure miss him as he was a terrific loyal companion for 10 years almost to the day. He was about 12 years old.

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