Sunday, February 28, 2010

IVIG Blues again...

Spring is coming... The pears are budding up!

I continue to suffer terribly for three days after the infusions, whether its 2 days or 3. This time I sailed through each treatment day and kept up with my walking and exercising. It really hit me Friday morning with fatigue, pain and stiffness. I did manage to wimp my way through Pilates training then collapsed and slept most of the day. I had been walking 30 minutes before the treatment which was so good for me and was building up weight and stamina and some muscle.

Saturday I full expected to perk up in the afternoon, but had to drag myself around the block. It took everything I had to make it in one piece without calling for assistance. How weak is that? i am trying so hard to improve but its two steps forward and one step back. Not exercising will cost me some muscle and kill my appetite. I still need to gain about 10 lbs. At least I have put on 5.

Sunday today. I woke up congested and feeling fluey like I was getting Dennis' cold. I kept trying to shake it off and do things, and failed. I sure hate losing 3 days with IVIG Flu to this treatment each time, 6 full days a month, but what else can I do?

This afternoon the sun came out but the temps never got up to the mid 60's like they said, instead hanging out around the 60 degree mark. With the wind, it feels like about 45! I am skipping the walk today. I just don't see it doing me much good. I did do my weight lifting and as much stretching as I could but non of it was comfortable. Advil didn't touch anything but the headache. At least that part is over.

Tomorrow I go for the first of the cervical injections if I wake up feeling semi human. I hope I am not too sick to go, because this course of treatment might really help the pain in my hands. Then the lumbar for the back, legs and feet. Not going to be a fun month but hopefully it will all be worth it.

Tuesday I see the neurologist again. I hope she has some information on Ampyra.

MS marches on. Not fun. Not at all.

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