Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Day goes by

Its been a better day in some ways and worse in others. The Fibro is so much worse after the steroids but at least I am not as psycho today. My stomach is giving me fits and my eyes are wonky. Did manage to do a little bit of work, not much, before i got dizzy and had to lie back down.

Luckily the Neuro's PA called and we discussed the lab results from the blood work at the hospital and what all else I need to do. She told me to hang in there as they (Neuros) are discussing my case and trying to get me approved for IVIG treatments. Gosh I hope it helps as nothing so far has.

My good friend Deb came over today and really cheered me up. Since I cannot go out without getting dizzy its nice to have someone come over. Grannie came too, did some grocery shopping for me, and helped by doing some laundry. Phew! My family is safe, clean, and fed for another week or so.

Was a beautiful day today, so I got Grannie to walk to the mailbox with me. We walked to the neighbor's mailbox about 50 yards farther. I had my poles so I didn't tip over, but was really exhausted when I got back and had to soak my feet with the stim thing (rebuilder) for an hour or so. Warm water felt good. So I got about 10 minutes of exercise. How pathetic!!!!

I so want my life back.

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