Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back on IVSM

Had my neurologist appt today at 11:10 and went over my options. Tia talked to me about my DMD options and suggested maybe Rebif or Tysabri or to my surprise, IVIG. I know a lot about the former two but got some info on IVIG. She seemed to think it works like an immune system reboot and work really really well.

Meanwhile after going over my laundry list of symptoms she didn't think I had gone over to SPMS but just never recovered from my previous relapse and need the steroids. Oh well, my eye definately was cloudy, indicating a re-flare of optic neuritis. I also went over antidepressants and will give Lexapro a try starting at 2.5 mg at night and see how I tolerate it then titrate the dose up to maybe 10 mg. Gosh I hope it helps my outlook. The pain has just gotten to be too much and I feel like I just don't have the energy to fight it anymore. Sigh. She also suggested upping the valium, especially if I wake up in the middle of the night, like around 4 AM and cannot go back to sleep. She basically laughed at my only taking 1.25 mg twice a day. :( I hate drugs, I sure do. I want off all of them, but that's not going to happen as I realize. So I want to be a happy MS'er at least not a depressed patient. I have lots of living to do, but dragging through each day is so stressful and difficult. I feel so guilty for not carrying my weight in the family. I do feel sad.

I will have blood tests next week on Monday then the new set of MRIs on Thursday. I guess I will be in the machine for 2 hours doing brain, cervical and thoracic or lumbar, I forget. I go back to the Neurologist on November 4th and meet with her and the PA to discuss my options.

I gave them the unused Copaxone I had in hopes it might help someone else who has to wait a long time to get their drug or who needs a free 20 days worth. Also showed Tia my keenfit walking poles as I thought they might benefit another patient with the "wobbles." They are cool for anyone though who wants a better workout when walking. Check them out at www.keenfit.com.

The weather is gorgeous. The owls hoot at night. The male is a huge fellow with a 4 foot wing span and stands about 24 inches tall or more. Rain is in the forecast again for Thursday. Blech!
I am going back to sleep!

At the top is a small picture of the owl's last crop of babies from our front pine tree.

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