Monday, October 26, 2009

My day in the ER

OH My life is not so good right now. I woke up shaking, dehydrated and sweating like a pig. I could not stand up for more than a few minutes without getting dizzy and nauseous. I called the Neurologist office and the doctor on call told me to go to the ER.

What a nightmare. What a total nightmare. We spent 6 hours there, with no help at all. Over the day I got more and more dehydrated and the doctor's solution was to give me more solumedrol and do some blood work. I declined the solumedrol of course. GAWD. I am on the step down pack and having trouble with it. Why would I need more of that???? During the day I got one glass of water and Dennis, bless his heart, got me a sandwich which I ate after the blood work. After all that time, I got no relief and came home and just crashed in my bed after Grannie came and helped me make some chicken soup with noodles.

Dennis went off to a meeting and Caity went to a church function.

I feel horrible. Anxious, scared, woozy, hungry and confused.

Today I have called the Neurologist office and am waiting for a call back. My hand are cramping so back I cannot pick up anything or hold a pen. Luckily I can type for a few minutes at a time.
This is so scary and so debilitating. I just want my life back or at least my brain back. I want to walk the hood and ride my motorcycle and participate in life again. I cannot get up for long and just shake and shake and shake.

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