Monday, October 19, 2009

More History - Neurologist #3

Sorry these posts are so out of order. Chock it up to either Fibro Fog or MS cognitive impairment, as I am not so sure which one is belting me over the head right now. LOL

I survived the Holiday's and healed up well from the mastectomy according to my wonderful surgeon. He told me to keep on doing my rehab and get those arms working so I would have full mobility and range of motion and I did and I do! Still kind of weak but improving over the Holidays. What was not improving was the neuropathy in my hands and general weakness in my legs.

I went to Neurologist number 3 in November and first thing she wanted to do was run a 3T MRI on my brain as the earlier ones were so bad, and of course put me on an antidepressant! ARRGGHH. If I hear that again I am going postal and rip someones head off.

I went up to Methodist Hospital and had the MRI. What a cool place and great tech people. It was so loud though. No wonder they gave me huge ear plugs.

While getting the results at my follow up appt with Neuro #3, she kind of shook her head and confirmed the transverse myelitis diagnosis and wanted to do a lumbar puncture for MS.

We set it up but I backed out after reading up on the procedure and that place we had scheduled at did NOT follow the recommended 4 hour laying flat on back post puncture protocol. Yikes, all I needed was to get a colossal headache and need a blood patch. So I canceled it and decided that after the Holidays I would try to get into the best Neurology clinic in our area and see what they had to say. I had lost faith in Neuro #3.

Meanwhile on the breast front (or lack of it!) I found that I could wear a regular bra and put in fiberf oam prostheses and look and feel like a normal human again. What a find. I ordered a few more of the bras from Title 9 and a couple of foam inserts from the Breast Cancer place and had my solution. I also found I could wear my 36D underwire bras and use bigger prostheses and look pretty sexy again with fancier clothes. This is all good. What is a pain is the hot flashes I get since I am officially menopausal after my surgery. Ugh. Will deal with that later. I do sweat a lot under my artificial breasts and its annoying as all get out especially with the hot flashes.

Meanwhile, I am still living on Gabapentin, Tramadol and Valium. My legs are starting to swell in the afternoon and I am tired and woozy all the time. And I hurt.

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