Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Gain in Energy?

This won't be of interest to anyone but me, I assume, but I am posting my current med schedule because I slept great last night and woke up not obsessing about those things I can no longer do. I thought I better note the changes I made in meds.

After Dinner: 3 EPH-DHA, 2 mag glycinates, 1 black pill (primal defense by garden of life) 1 Co Q10 100 mg, 1 B vitamin, 1 D3 5000 mg.

Before bed: Elavil 5mg, 5 HTP 50 mg, T3 12.5 mg, Hydrocortisone 2.5 mg. I had no hot flashes last night and woke up pretty rested. Skipped the bedtime baclofen ( I don't think it helps much anyways, just trashes my stomach and I do want off these meds if possible so I am cutting down) and the valium. I didn't think I would get to sleep without these, but no problems!

Morning: 8 AM 10 mg HC, 12.5 T3, yogurt for breakfast. 2.5 mg Valium. After the original stiffness goes away I can take my shower and get going for the day. I do get up fine but get muscle spasms after walking to the kitchen in my lower back, psoas muscles, calves and hamstrings. Stretching before breakfast is nearly impossible.

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