Saturday, December 19, 2009

The rest of the IVIG...

Third day went well too, so well in fact I went for a walk and managed 25 minutes at a good clip.

Boy, did I pay for that! About an hour after I got back I started the ugly headache and took an Advil. About 5 in the morning I woke with a screaming headache. Ouch. Took an Advil, ate a banana, and put an ice pack on the back of my neck. By the time I got to the infusion center Thursday for my last round for the month I was begging for the headache stuff as a pre med! Luckily it takes the headache away in about 30 seconds.

Final infusion went well but I was pretty weak on the way up and had Dennis escort me as i was afraid I might pass out. I did walk down fine on my own though.

I fought the headache Friday and felt really puny. Some of my buddies at the infusion center said they found the worse the side effects, the better the result and that the results are cumulative. This was a bad one so hopefully I will gain a lot of benefit. Would be nice since Christmas is less than a week away!

Today, Saturday, I feel a bit better but still have flagging energy and an upset stomach. Didn't sleep well last night and that's always a problem. I walked my normal half mile in 15 minutes today and felt better for it and felt some unusual tingling in my legs. The kind I had as this whole MS was starting up. Maybe its reversing? I have my fingers crossed. Please God, give me some energy. I want my life back. Please.



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