Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Neurologist Appt.

I met with my actual Neurologist today! I usually see her PA but this is about a year out so it was time to see the Big Girl! I just love her. She re-ran the tests of strengths and feels that my strength has come up and I functionally am better.

Its the depression that's killing me. Dr felt its reactive depression after doing battle with skin cancer, breast cancer and double mastectomy, menopause and MS. She rolled her eyes and commented that was an awful lot to go through! She also suggest Elavil was NOT the right antidepressant and to try Pristiq and gave me some samples. After reading the side effects, ugh, I am not sure I want to try this. I might try Lexapro again and give it at least a few weeks instead of a few days. Pristiq is an SNRI like that danged Cymbalta that almost sent me to the ER so I am scared of even trying it. I have to do something since I am sore, and depressed. Cannot seem to snap out of it. Regardless, I will keep trying the 5-HTP for another week or so and hope it helps. It is supposed to really do the trick for fibromyalgia and depression by rebuilding the serotonin in the brain rather than just recycle what you have (or don't have!)

It's a really depressing day today as well with nasty rain and chilly (40's) temperatures. I just wanted to come home and crawl into bed and did rest in my chair for an hour then cleaned up boxes as a start to put down the Christmas ornaments.

I am going to try to eat more, like all the time to help me gain weight. My goal is to gain 10 lbs by the first of March so that will require a ton of food. I already eat a lot but seem to keep losing. The thyroid stuff should start to make a difference but when oh when?

I just felt like crap today and I know its mostly the depressing weather. I bundled up and went out for my 16 minute walk anyways, but even this blood mover, endorphin producer exercise wasn't comfortable or pleasant. I do feel my legs feel a bit lighter though! So good things should follow shortly.


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