Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday after Christmas

Christmas was such fun! We had my mother in law with us for opening presents. I was so grateful to receive some new clothes that fit! My mom sent the most beautiful warm up suit in wine velore and it was just perfect and so toasty warm and comfortable.

With all the numbness are parasthesias I have, comfort clothes must be soft with little to no texture and easy fitting. :)

We had a delicious ham for dinner, sharing our table with my sister in law and her husband and my daughters boyfriend. He is such a nice kid! Fit right in with our silly family and enjoyed out jokes and stories.

The day after Christmas I basically rested and started putting things away. As I get so stiff when walking and standing up, I do a little and sit. When my muscles recoup a tad, I get up to do more. I am so much more comfortable lying down.

I had thought by now the HC and thyroid protocol would start clearning the RT3 from my cell receptors but so far nothing positive seems to be happening. I feel I have more energy though and rarely sleep during the day. I do sleep nicely at night though! Fall asleep reading my book and don't wake up until the cardinal starts pecking on the window at 7 - 7:30 AM. The nice cold nights recently helped create a super sleeping environment.

I do wake up each day and relive some past portion of my life. I used to get upset about these intrusive memories but am trying to enjoy them then let them go on. I have had a wonderful life. I just hope and pray for more enjoyable and memorable times in the future.

Now its time to start putting up Christmas and start sorting out the things in my house to get rid of in preparation for selling this place in the future. The rate at which I can get stuff done encourages me to start soon and go slow but start now so it can be done in 6 months or so.

Cheers for today! Its sunny and cold.

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